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The Division of Student Affairs’ mission is to enhance the learning environment for students at the University of Georgia. We accomplish this by stimulating the learning process, integrating the in-class and out-of-class experiences, promoting an environment conducive to growth and discovery, and facilitating intellectual, spiritual, social, occupational, physical, cultural, and emotional development.

2020 Strategic Plan

Enhancing an Open, Welcoming, Inclusive Environment

Student Affairs plays a critical role in advancing the institution’s value of being open, welcoming and inclusive. We believe that committing to equity and inclusive excellence is a both a process and a goal, one deeply rooted in an ongoing and ever evolving journey toward a more socially just society. To do so, Student Affairs recognizes its responsibility and agency in cultivating social justice competencies within both its staff and all UGA students. This involves advocating for socially just learning environments, designing professional enrichment strategies to deepen staff competencies, and realizing efforts to recruit, hire, retain, and advance a socially conscious staff.  

Enhancing the Student Learning Environment

As a significant contributor to student learning at UGA, Student Affairs seeks to enhance its ability to offer significant learning experiences both inside and out of the classroom that impact all dimensions of student growth and development. We champion that learning happens throughout the whole college environment. We believe that in order to do this effectively, we must be responsive to the current and emerging UGA student profile in order to provide those opportunities that support student success and wellbeing. UGA Student Affairs is in a unique position to be a leader in its experiential learning curricula and thus, be well known as a principal hands-on learning laboratory.

Advancing Strategic Partnerships

UGA Student Affairs must be strong partners in the University’s endeavor to educate whole students. This requires us to think critically about the strengths we contribute toward achieving UGA’s mission and then to pursue partnerships that align with our vision and values, to commit resources towards these efforts, and to strengthen our existing partnerships within the division and beyond to amplify the collective work of the institution.

Promoting the Impact of UGA Student Affairs

UGA Student Affairs works to enhance the learning environment for students and should communicate our efforts in doing so with a broad and diverse audience. Sharing who we are, the values we hold, our mission-driven efforts, and our accomplishments educates those unfamiliar with our work and builds awareness of and attention to the important role we play both institutionally and beyond. We seek to be a recognized national leader in the student affairs profession.

Ensuring the Long-Term Success of UGA Student Affairs

UGA Student Affairs is strong. Our long-term success is characterized by our efforts to expand private philanthropic support of our thriving programs and services, fortify our infrastructure in ways that advance our ability to provide the very best facilities, technological systems, and efficient operations, and invest in our talented staff to enhance performance. We pursue excellence at every step to secure our future success together.

Student Affairs 2020 Strategic Plan

2020 Strategic Plan

Staff Contributions

“I have the opportunity every day to collaborate with students and other members of the university community to model and promote an inclusive campus environment that is educated about mental health concerns.”
– Shannon BowlesPsychologist, University Health Center  

 “I think of the strategic plan as a roadmap that guides my daily work. It informs my practice, and is the driving force behind the way I interact with students, plan programs, and conduct assessments.”
– Emmie BennettSenior Coordinator, Student Conduct

“I believe that infusing these strategic directions into goal-setting with our student leaders enhances the impact of the plan.”
– Travis MartinSenior Coordinator, Greek Life


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