Onboarding Checklist: Day Two

Employees tend to feel anxious in their first week due to the uncertainty inherent in starting something new. UGA Student Affairs Onboarding Checklist Items for day two are intended to continue providing points of clarification.


  • Share the annual performance review process and clarify work performance standards.
    • Classified Employees: In addition to sharing the Classified Employee Performance Assessment Form, discuss timing of the review process, as well as the tasks/responsibilities that will be evaluated and the associated work standards.  
    • Faculty Contract Employees: In addition to sharing the Faculty Contract Employee Performance Assessment Form and the Annual Review Form (link to form), discuss the review process, work performance expectations, and timeline for establishing initial annual goals,  
  • Review policies of particular relevance to the department and/or position. When doing so, highlight department/position policies that have provisions in addition to institution or division policies. For example, some departments may require specific training before obtaining access to computer systems.
  • Discuss workflow functionality, including, but not limited to:
    • Regular meetings and the individuals included in each meeting
    • Common administrative/business processes
    • Points of contact for various aspects of work
  • Discuss the supervisory relationship and mutual expectations. Specific topics to explore include, but are not limited to:
    • Preferred modes and timeliness of communication
    • Frequency and structure of supervisor/employee meetings
    • Communicating questions, concerns, or issues that arise between meetings
    • Preferred feedback mechanisms

Onboarding Checklist

This is a downloadable and printable pdf of the onboarding checklist, so that supervisors can track their new staff member's progress.