Innovate Teams

UGA Student Affairs is excited to announce the launch of Innovate Teams!


Do you want to be part of a division-wide team charged by Vice President Wilson to address one of Student Affairs’ critical questions?

Innovate Teams provide a unique opportunity for you to provide direct input into division decisions and planning. During a three-day modified Design Sprint (a model developed by Google), you will work with staff from across Student Affairs to identify innovative solutions to pressing challenges.

  • What steps can we take to form an integrated strategy to promote student health and well-being?
    • The National College Health Assessment indicates continued concerns with student health issues ranging from stress and anxiety to communicable illnesses to difficulty sleeping. Innovate Team members working on this project will identify an integrated strategy for better promoting student health and well-being at UGA.
  • What new high impact practice should we adopt to enhance student success for underrepresented students?
    • The Association of American Colleges and Universities calls on institutions across the country to identify effective practices that mitigate inequities in student success and attainment. Innovate Team members working on this project will design a cross-divisional high impact practice aimed at promoting the recruitment and retention of an identified underrepresented student population.
  • What new, exciting experience can we offer that annually brings together thousands of students?
    • Although the division annually interacts with over 26,000 unique students, the majority of students do not share a common Student Affairs experience. Innovate Team members working on this project will design a single experience intended to engage a minimum of 1,000 students each year.
  • What new learning experience should we propose for the Experiential Learning Transcript?
    • Beginning in Spring 2018, undergraduate students have the opportunity to build an official transcript that documents engagement in experiential learning activities approved by the University’s Curriculum Committee. Innovate Team members working on this project will develop an experience grounded in the division’s learning framework and the criteria established for inclusion on the Experiential Learning Transcript.
  • What can we do to better acknowledge the excellent contributions of division staff?
    • Responses to the 2016 Student Affairs Staff Survey revealed that staff would feel more valued if they received acknowledgment that the work they do matters. Innovate Team members working on this project will develop a comprehensive strategy for systematically recognizing staff contributions.

This opportunity is open to any full-time staff member interested in leading, creating, and problem solving to best serve our students!

Express your interest in joining an Innovate Team by completing this brief information form no later than Friday, October 20, 2017.

Student Affairs will contact participating staff members and their supervisors to confirm availability to participate in the three-day Design Sprint.

Innovate Teams Sample Schedule

Innovate Teams Interest Form

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