Frequently Asked Questions

What is the UGA Student Affairs Staff Survey?
The Staff Survey is the biennial opportunity for all full- and part-time UGA Student Affairs staff to reflect and offer feedback regarding their experiences, providing division leaders with an understanding of staff needs and professional fulfillment. The results are used to

  • develop and refine staff development experiences that promote continued growth;
  • address common concerns as possible; and
  • consider strategies to enrich the UGA Student Affairs work environment.  

Who should take the Staff Survey?
Anyone whose primary status at UGA is as an employee of UGA Student Affairs should take the Staff Survey. This does not include student employees, but does include all other full-time and part-time staff working in any of the Division’s 18 departments and 2 central offices.

Why should I take the Survey?
The Staff Survey provides you with an opportunity to share your perspectives and experiences as an employee in Student Affairs. The results will directly inform the division’s future planning, communications, and staff development opportunities for you and other staff.

Is the Staff Survey anonymous?
Yes. Any identifiable information, including IP address and demographic data, will be removed from individual responses. All questions, including demographic prompts, are optional and voluntary. Demographic data will only be used to analyze group responses.  

How long will the Staff Survey take?
The average time to take the survey is 15-20 minutes. We encourage you to complete the survey in one session/sitting, as partial or non-submitted responses may not be saved by Qualtrics.

How often does the Staff Survey occur?
The inaugural Staff Survey occurred in 2016. Subsequent surveys will be administered in 2018 and 2020. Findings, recommendations, and status of the recommendations from the 2016 administration can be found on the Staff Survey website.

Will the results of the Staff Survey be shared with employees in the Division?
Yes. Survey results will be analyzed in August and preliminary findings will be shared at the Engage! Conference in September. A full report will be shared with the Division in October 2018.

When can I take the Staff Survey?
The Staff Survey will open on Monday, July 2, 2018 and closes on Friday, July 27, 2018. A link will be sent via email and access will also be available via the UGA Student Affairs website. Hard copies are available by contacting

For further information, contact Erin Ciarimboli.

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