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Inquiry is a vital part of the work we do in UGA Student Affairs and the University of Georgia. To this end, Student Affairs Learning and Strategic Initiatives (LSI) is pleased to consult with staff in UGA Student Affairs on assessment and research projects. Assessment projects include any effort to collect, analyze, and interpret data to determine effectiveness of programs or services. Research projects include any effort to collect, analyze, and interpret data to guide theoretical foundations; the scope of research is broader than a single program or service.

LSI’s approach to consulting is informed by our guiding values of integrity, excellence, accountability, and respect. We strive to educate and empower our colleagues and clients throughout the consultation process. We will offer guidance, feedback, and technical assistance; this will equip you with the necessary skills to design and complete your project.

To begin the consultation process, complete the online Student Affairs Assessment and Research Consultation form.

Assessment and Research Consultation Form

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408 Memorial Hall
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Kara L. Fresk
Director of Learning and Strategic Initiatives

Jennifer Erickson-Brown
Administrative Associate

James Crawford
Assistant Director for Staff Development

Erin Ciarimboli
Assistant Director for Learning, Assessment, and Data Initiatives


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