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Our Mission and Principles


The mission of Student Affairs Learning and Strategic Initiatives is to improve organizational effectiveness in Student Affairs by coordinating planning, assessment, and research activities and providing staff development opportunities that facilitate learning and build community.



Integrity - "We will be honest, fair, impartial and unbiased in our dealings both with and on behalf of the USG."

Excellence - "We will perform our duties to foster a culture of excellence and high quality in everything we do."

Accountability - "We firmly believe that education in the form of scholarship, research, teaching, service and developing others is a public trust. We will live up to this trust through safeguarding our resources and being good stewards of the human, intellectual, physical and fiscal resources given to our care."

Respect - "We recognize the inherent dignity and rights of every person, and we will do our utmost to fulfill our resulting responsibility to treat each person with fairness, compassion and decency."



LSI is responsible for the following:

  • Oversee strategic planning
  • Coordinate implementation of the learning framework
  • Support departments in developing learning plans and outcomes, including for the University Experiential Learning initiative
  • Coordinate inventory of division programming and staff credentialing
  • Lead data collection for the division
  • Oversee integration of division and institutional data and use by departments
  • Serve as lead divisional data steward, representing Student Affairs in institutional efforts
  • Generate targeted assessments and studies on selected divisional priorities
  • Support department-level assessment and research projects
  • Provide staff development opportunities for division staff related to division priorities
  • Coordinate division-level events aimed at building community
  • Coordinate efforts to assess and improve work experiences for staff across the division
  • Coordinate divisional awards submissions and other recognition opportunities for the division and staff
  • Support division communications and outreach
  • Support compliance-related efforts for SACSCOC accreditation

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408 Memorial Hall
University of Georgia
Athens, GA 30602

Kara L. Fresk
Director of Learning and Strategic Initiatives

Jennifer Erickson-Brown
Administrative Associate

James Crawford
Assistant Director for Staff Development

Erin Ciarimboli
Assistant Director for Learning, Assessment, and Data Initiatives


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